Apple pie

Posted: May 9, 2011 in Traditional Food

Apple pie is a fruit pie that is sometime served with ice-cream. It is a traditional food of American. It was usually served on American important events like Thankgiving meel, Christmas Eve and Fourth of July. I choose to do this dessert because this dessert wan’t hard to do and easy to find the ingredients. Most of the American people like this dessert because there are two things that make this apple pie the best and everyone favorite. First, it has a delicious, homemade crust. The secret behind the crust is that it consists of both shortening and butter. This gives it the crumbliness of a shortening crust along with the flakiness of a butter crust.  Next is its delicious filling. The first thing you will taste is the sweet vinegar and cinnamon coating; then, as this melts away in your mouth, the sweet, apple sensation kicks in. Combined with its salty crust and a good scoop of vanilla ice cream, no dessert can beat this pie.

I also found two recipes of apple pie in the website and they were under the page named “Recipes

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